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At first, Duncan refused as he was smuggling a scientist out of the country, but Amanda won't take no for an answer, flying off with the scientist and leaving Duncan to hold off the German Army. In , Duncan headed to London where he became involved with American radio personality and reporter, Diane Terrin. One evening during an attack on London by Nazi aircraft, Diane, rather than seeking shelter, insisted on going to the roof to broadcast what she saw.

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Fearful of what might happen Duncan accompanied her, Diane gave a riveting report until the all-clear was given. Despite her protests in wanting to stay, Duncan persuaded Diane to go with him to shelter. In the Underground, a bomb exploded, trapping them both. As the two talked, Diane told him she had hoped that they could have eventually gotten married and had children. Knowing he could do nothing but wait until suffocation, Duncan held her in his arms as she died.

Sometime later, Duncan was rescued, cradling Diane's body. Mac was then inserted in to France where he worked with the French Resistance. During one operation, the boy Bernard, saw him killed and then revive. Mac swore him to secrecy. The failure of the plot led Ingrid down a path MacLeod could never approve, even if he could understand.

After the end of the war, Duncan encountered the Irish terrorists Liam O'Rourke and his girlfriend, Tara Fitzgerald , who wonder how he could have helped the British in the late war. They planted a bomb in the pub they been in, that killed everyone inside in addition to the military target they had targeted. Mac stopped them from escaping, and they were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to life.

Which Tara served, Liam escaped after her death. Duncan then traveled back to America this time in Seacouver where he meet petty lowlife Immortal, Benny Carbassa and fell under the spell of singer, Peggy McCall , at the Coconut Lounge. But Peggy danced with Mac to make Joey jealous. Sid wanted Peggy, so he shot and killed both MacLeod and his own brother.

He then told Peggy that the two men shot each other. Soon after, Duncan met photographer, Linda Plager , with whom he had an affair, and influenced her art. Amanda was arrested for treason and made a deal, turning over Fitz. Mac managed to finagle a pardon from Sir Winston Churchill, and returned a copy of the stone to the abbey while hiding the real stone at the Royal Highlands Golf Club in Scotland.

The two go to a diner to have something to eat but the owner refused to serve Carl. Disgusted, Duncan and Carl left, but later that day, Duncan showed a visibly upset Carl a newspaper article showing that Segregation has been declared unconstitutional. As Bryce walked out to fight Duncan, he was instead met and killed by Coltec , who showed the first signs of the evil consuming him.

Reinhardt escaped by jumping off a rooftop, allowing Duncan to take his sword.

Just seconds later, Duncan was able to join with Tessa to celebrate the beginning of After another training session with Connor, Tessa told them that Quince had called to challenge Duncan. After a talk, Connor punched Duncan out, and went to meet Quince. After coming to, Duncan went to the designated meeting, telling Tessa that, for her own safety, he would not return.

Arriving at the meet, Duncan saw his kinsman fall from the bridge, and Duncan went after Quince. Despite Quince's size and strength, MacLeod's skills proved superior, allowing him to take his head. After receiving the quickening, Duncan saw that Richie had been witness to the events. Duncan then jumped into the river and pulled the reviving Connor to the shore.

Connor told Duncan Richie needed watching, and Duncan promised to do so. Tessa still wanted to stay with him despite the dangers. Connor soon walked off, letting the couple be alone. Richie began a search for his parents, never having known them. After bailing Richie out of jail, for stealing a file from his old orphanage, Duncan told him he was unlikely to find what he sought. Richie told them about what little of his childhood he could remember, including seeing his mother die before his eyes.

Later, Richie found a man who claimed to be his father. Duncan soon began questioning Jack's identity and went to Jack's apartment building where he met a man, Clinch , an obvious thug, who was also searching for the man. Duncan soon met Richie and Jack, Duncan making it clear that he didn't trust Jack. He then went to confront Clinch and his boss, Mrs. Gustavson told him Jack's real name, Joe Scanlon , and he owed her a large amount of money. Duncan then explained what he'd learned to Richie, who was understandably angry.

Duncan confronted Gustavson and Clinch, who were holding Richie to force Scanlon to pay their debt. Duncan easily defeated Clinch and Scanlon returned the golden mask. Richie then learned that the mother he remembered had actually been his foster mother. Duncan told Richie that, despite not knowing his real parents, he could now decide for himself who he was. Duncan received a message from Lucas Desiree asking to meet him. Duncan headed for Lucas' remote cabin with Tessa, but before he could see him, he sensed Lucas' Quickening.

On hearing that a vagrant, Leo Atkins , had been arrested for Lucas' murder, Duncan headed for the nearest town with Richie and had Richie deliberately get caught attempting to break into a car in order to get access to the sheriff's office. There, he saw Leo and realised he wasn't an immortal and therefore was almost certainly innocent. He came across the sheriff, Howard Crowley , stirring up the locals into a lynch mob over the fact Duncan's old acquaintance Sergeant Thomas Powell was taking Leo to Seacouver for psychiatric evaluation.

Duncan and Crowley recognised each other as immortals and Duncan realised Crowley had killed Lucas.

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Duncan and Powell drove off the locals when they attempted to lynch Leo. Duncan then confronted Crowley at Lucas' cabin, angry that he had gone after Lucas when he just wanted to retire from the Game. They fought and Duncan took Crowley's head and quickening. A young woman named Felicia Martins walked into the antique store in a very distracted state, she spoke to Richie, took a business card and disappeared. She then jumped from a high rise downtown, and the business card led the police to MacLeod.

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MacLeod assumed she was a new Immortal and made an effort to find her and explain her Immortality. He gave her a blade and started to train her.

The Talisman

In fact, her real name was Felice Martens and she was at least years old. She had duped many immortals in the past, winning their trust and then destroying what they loved to break them before taking their heads. MacLeod discovered who she was and confronted her, before she can kill Richie, who was besotted with her. Duncan challenged Felice and defeated her but let her live, he warned her to stay away from his friends. Tessa had gone to the hills to copy some old petroglyphs, and had not returned.

MacLeod went to look for her, and discovered that she had been kidnapped by backwoodsmen. Duncan went after them. Caught by two of the three men, Duncan jumped off a cliff, to certain death. Mac pursued them and, having caught one man, and killed the other, Duncan, using an axe, challenged the third kidnapper, Immortal, Caleb Cole , who fought with MacLeod's katana. In the end, Duncan beheaded Caleb. Duncan was returning to the barge one morning when he saw a mime kill an elderly man, "For Evil's Sake". Helping the police, he toldthem that he could identify the man. The police inspector, Raymond LeBrun , was convinced he had seen Duncan before.

Later, mysterious men with guns staked out the barge and, when Duncan felled one, he found that he was a policeman. LeBrun had remembered Duncan - when he was a young gendarme, they were chasing the assassin Kuyler, and he saw Duncan then. It turned out that LeBrun's assistant was in Kuyler's pay, but Duncan silenced the mime forever and LeBrun arrested his assistant. Days later Duncan was with Darius playing chess and noticed that he seemed to be thinking about something troubling.

Then they were disturbed by Inspector LeBrun, who was investigating a robbery in a nearby jewelery store. Surprised to find MacLeod in the company of a priest, he told the two Immortals that the thief gassed everyone in the store, then got up and walked out. He was seen entering the church. Darius confirmed that he knew who it was, but as the man made his confession, he cannot help LeBrun. Outraged, LeBrun left. Duncan asked if it was Xavier St Cloud. Darius' nod was his answer. Duncan then went in search of an old compatriot, Georges Dalou , for information about Xavier. Convincing Dalou that he was the son of the MacLeod that Dalou knew in the war, he fiound out about Xavier's accomplice, Francois Bertrand , who was killed in the robbery.

The following morning, Francois was buried, with a service in Darius' church paid for by MacLeod. Dalou was gratified by Duncan's gesture and introduced him to the dead man's mother, who told him where her son met Xavier. Later during an exhibition of West African art hosted by Tessa, LeBrun arrived and asked Duncan to come downtown to answer a few questions. As they traveled, the policeman told MacLeod that their prime suspect was Xavier St Cloud, who was wanted in West Africa for the murder of a drug lord and the theft of millions in cash and a priceless collection of 17th century West African sculpture.

Duncan leaped from the car and raced back to the gallery on foot. With only seconds to spare, Duncan arrive in time to disarm the concealed gas bomb. Later, the frustrated Xavier arrived at the barge, where MacLeod was waiting for him.

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